Pizzeria Americana

By on July 29, 2015
Pizzeria Americana

Pizzeria Americana is a locally owned pizza shop located at 516 Long Pond Road in Greece. They have been making fresh, made-to-order pizzas, wings, hot subs, calzones, appetizers and their own version of “trash plates” for over 35 years.

Pizzeria Americana has been owned by Chris Seger for the past 1 1/2 years. Chris started out as a part time employee right after high school, and has worked there for 12 years. When the owner was ready to retire, Chris was offered the business because he says, “I know the pizza shop inside and out and I know our customers and what they want. There are many challenges and rewards to owning the business. As owner there is no time off, but the rewards far out weigh the challenges. It is great to personally know the customers and to be the one they come to with their comments about how good the food is that we prepare for them, and how much they love it.”

Pizzeria Americana’s food is prepared from original recipes that have stayed with the restaurant over the 35 years. “Most of our recipes have been here forever,” Chris says.

Pizzeria Americana uses Cup & Char Pepperoni, a thick cut pepperoni that when cooked on the pizza, the heat causes the pepperoni to shrink and cup enclosing the flavor, this process also keeps the pepperoni in place on the pizza. Cup & Char pepperoni is a favorite of many pizza connoisseurs.

Pizza Americana 1Pizzeria Americana offers traditional pizzas as well as a flavorful Gourmet Pizza Menu with offerings like Chicken Verde, Garbage Pie, Greek, Taco and Veggie Alfredo pizzas. Unique pizza toppings available include prosciutto, cauliflower, green olives, eggplant and fresh basil. They also shred their own mozzarella cheese for every pizza, and the dough is made fresh daily.

Their menu also includes regular or boneless chicken wings, calzones custom made with your choice of fillings and sauce, hot subs including the standard steak and meatball, and unique subs like chicken artichoke, chicken club and grilled ham. They also have an appetizer menu including fried mushrooms and cauliflower, loaded cheesy fries (with bacon and meat hot sauce), and new items including hotzzarella sticks and breaded raviolis, both with choice of sauce.

Party Packs are also available.

At Pizzeria Americana the goal is “To give you the best quality pizza, made to order in our friendly and clean pizzeria. Whether it is pick-up or delivery, we want to make you the best pizza – ever!”

For more information call 227-9913 or visit www.pizzeria-americana.com.

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