Taste of the Bahamas Restaurant

By on January 30, 2018

Business Focus

Authentic Bahamian cuisine is the focus of the dishes and drinks available at Taste of the Bahamas Restaurant located at 4705 Lake Avenue in Rochester. Owner Dotti Perry opened her new restaurant in November of 2017. She formerly operated out of a place on North Street in Rochester but when she outgrew the space she moved to the Lake Avenue location. “I searched and searched on the internet for a new place that would meet all my needs. I kept my focus and found the Lake Avenue location. It has everything I needed and just the right atmosphere. One thing I didn’t realize is that opening on Lake Avenue in the winter is tough. I am encouraged by all of the businesses around who are supporting my restaurant and they tell me that the neighborhood has lots of activity during the summer months,” Dotti said.

Dotti has vast experience in the restaurant business. She has worked in many restaurant and bars doing just about every job from hostess to bartender and brings all of that knowledge to Taste of the Bahamas.

During her early years, between restaurant jobs Dotti was a stay at home mom. “I sold dinners from my home and developed my cooking skills. I later rented space in other businesses and served my food from there, just to get my dishes and name out there. When it came time to achieve my dream by opening my restaurant I did research on how to open your own restaurant and studied all the rules and regulations. I really believe that nothing in life is unachievable, you just have to keep trying and fight for it,” she said.

The cuisine at Taste of the Bahamas Restaurant is unique and authentic. Dotti grinds all of the seasonings for all of their food and uses fresh produce in her recipes. Some of the speciality dishes include their popular Conch Fritters, Mac and Cheese, Curry Chicken, Pepper Steak and their award winning Ribs. “Our Mac and Cheese is Bahamian style and seasoned with our own ground fresh spices, it is always a surprise to people who try it for the first time and it is definitely a customer favorite,” Dotti said.

Taste of the Bahamas Restaurant also has a full bar and offers speciality drinks that are traditional Bahamian beverages including Gullywash and Bahamian Punch. They have signature drinks that Dotti developed – for the ladies “Ladies Choice” and for the men “Dirty Bird.”

Dotti has had some challenges in her life and she has not forgotten all of the help she has received from police officers, fire fighters and the military. As a gesture to payback Taste of the Bahamas offers a 12% discount everyday to all those who serve in these jobs. “I have been helped by police officers who have shown me great kindness. And we experienced a house fire and fire fighters saved my life and the lives of my children. I know that those who serve in the military put their life on the line everyday for our freedom. We appreciate and see everything that they do. All through my life these people have been good luck to me and I am so thankful,” Dotti said.

Taste of the Bahamas serves Lunch and Dinner Tuesday thru Saturday from 1PM to 10PM; and on Sunday Lunch from 1PM to 6PM.

Call 585-270-4889 for more information.