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License – Chapter 54

By on March 20, 2017


There was nothing better than waking up to birdsong!  It made Erika want to jump out of bed, run out the door into the yard and raise up her arms to the glory of the morning!  It made her want to grab her pruners and her garden trowel and her v-bladed weeder and stick her hands into the sun kissed soil.

But into what yard would she run?  That was what she missed most about not having the house any more – the yard. The only soil she would be sticking her hands into these days was in the pots she had out on the patio.

And, certainly, she could go out there! She could venture off her patio and out onto the grass, let the dew wet the bottoms of her feet and raise her face to the sun.  But there could be hundreds of pair of eyes watching her!  Wondering what she was doing out there in her nighty.  Wondering if she was crazy.

Better to just sit at the little patio table and sip her coffee, watching the sparrows and chickadees flit and fly and hop.  Watching the robins run across the grass, leaning forward on their skinny bird legs, and then stopping with their heads tilted to the side, listening for breakfast’s tiny clicks and buzzes or hums.  Fast as lightening they’d lunge and then stand there with their prize dangling from their mouth before they swallowed it down.  Tiny raptors they were, the last vestiges of dinosaurs gone by.

Maybe she didn’t have a yard to garden in and greet the morning in any longer but there were other things to look forward to now.   Like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!  Those were her favorite days of the week!  Those were the days the daughter-in-law of her dreams worked at the diner from ten till five and Erika got to baby sit her sweet little dumpling!

Pam would drop baby Pamela off on her way to work and then Boyd would pick her up on his way home.  That gave Erika six hours of pure and simple joy to spend with her little angel.

Just the sight of Pamela sent warm waves traveling through her veins, like melted chocolate, sweet and creamy, coating her insides with love.

When it was naptime, Erika loved to sit in the rocking chair with Pamela and watch her fall asleep in her arms.  She’d just sit there and gaze in awe at the baby’s angel fine hair and the way it fell on her forehead and over the top of her button ears.  Her heart would sigh at her delicate eyelids framed by feathery lashes and marvel at her silky smooth skin and the look of complete peace and serenity on her little cherub’s face.  It was like heaven on earth.

Andy said she was spoiling the baby by letting her sleep in her arms so often.  He said the baby needed to learn to rely on herself and become independent.  Rely on herself?  Become independent?  She was only three months old for heaven’s sake!  Much too young for words as big as that.  And much too young to be spoiled either.

Andy wasn’t fooling her though.  She saw how tenderly he held the baby and the glow in his eyes when he looked at her.  She could see his wheels turning, imagining when she got older how he would push her on the swing or pull her in the wagon.  How he would buy her ice cream and hot dogs and watch her twirl around and do somersaults.  Erika was pretty sure that the person who would be the biggest spoiler of their grandchild in the years to come would be none other than Grandpa Andy himself!

He even bought a plaque that he had hung up in the kitchen one day, the biggest grin on his face that she had ever seen.


There was another plaque that she had seen at The Fair Weather Gift Shop.  Next time she stopped in there she was going to snatch it up.


Maybe she could find one that said something specific about Grandpas too.  Or maybe she could make one.  That would be even better!  She was into crafty things lately!  And wouldn’t that just make Andy’s day?

‘Awesome’, ‘Insane’ – These were words of the times.  The ones today’s young people used to express something so great, so fantastic that they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm.

Like when kids used to say ‘cool’ or ‘groovy’ or, way back in the day, when they used to say ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

‘Awesome’ and ‘Insane’ were not words she usually used.  In fact they were not words she used at all!

But what other words could she use now?  How could she possibly describe it any other way?  There was simply no other was to say it!

Being a grandmother was totally, unbelievably, insanely awesome!

Really, there was just nothing else like it.


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