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License – Chapter 60

By on May 1, 2017


(Chorus, Cadence, Coda)

by Diane Rivoli

He had accepted it.  He had to.  There was no possible way to change it.  But always he hovered near, in case she needed him.

Not that there was anything he could do except feather lightness against her cheek or whisper softness in her ear.  He had gathered himself several times to do those things and it had seemed to bring her comfort.  And in whatever odd way you could say that he could feel, this had made him happy.

Colors and hours had passed.  Days and shapes.  And he had been content. But this day was different.  She was white and happiness emanated off her brighter than the sun that shone above her head.  Others that had meant something to him were gathered there too, dressed in jubilation and gaiety.

And memories of life crashed through him.

He had been someone.  He had smiled and laughed.  He had hoped and dreamed.  He had loved and been loved.   And it had all been taken away from him.

Sadness engulfed him.  It ached, intense and raw, in the place that had once been his beating heart.

Why can’t that be me standing next to her now, in the pebble gray tuxedo and white tie, nerves and excitement jittering in my stomach and elation racing through my blood stream? 

Why can’t that be me holding her hand and putting the gold band on her finger, love’s sweet music trembling between us?

Rain fell softly from the cloudless sky.  She that was Dixie looked up.  She let the gentle drops fall on her sun kissed face.   Understanding swam in her eyes.  She knew the rain was tears.  She knew it was me.

She turned to he that was Mike beside her and kissed him, her lips moist with the warm rain.  But it was really me she was kissing.  For one moment, it was me.  And then she gave all the tenderness and love in her kiss back to Mike.  And that was as it should be. 

Because Mike was the one that made her blue/green eyes sparkle and shine now, the one that she loved, totally and completely, the one that loved her, always and forever. He was the one she would share her todays and tomorrows with, dream with, as they headed into the bright but uncertain future.

Because Dixie and Mike had a future.  Dixie and Mike were alive.

And he was not.

Melodies and days go by.  Minutes and scents. He accepted what he was and floated, content, as below him life’s chorus went on.  Rising and falling, ebbing and flowing – An elusive song.


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Thank You Diane

This is the final chapter in License, the novel by Diane Rivoli. Diane has very graciously shared her novel with us over the past 14 months. Our print and online readers have enjoyed her collection of 60 short stories within the novel, all connected and all containing the word License in the chapter titles. There are also 21 poems scattered within the chapters of her novel. Her stories touch on the entire range of human emotions, the words skillfully chosen and carefully used by Diane to tell a series of stories that are inner-connected by characters and moments in time.

All chapters of License are available in the archives section of this website. Print editions are available locally at Lift Bridge Book Shop in Brockport and Simply NY on Culver Road in Rochester.

Diane has a second book, a poetry collection, Every Moment is a Poem, Every Poem a Song, available on her website, and she is currently working on a second novel that begins four years after License. She hopes to have it completed in early 2018.

To keep up with Diane, or to contact her visit

Thanks again Diane, it truly has been our pleasure to share your beautiful stories.

Sincerely, Barbara Burke