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River Raft Adventures

By on June 21, 2017

Looking for some family time that provides growth for the mind, the body and the spirit? Adventure Calls Outfitters river rides on the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park in Castile, New York offer all of that and more.

Described as “The Grand Canyon of the East” a river raft ride through the Letchworth State Park Gorge is the perfect adventure for first-time rafter and families with young children. Adventure Calls Outfitters President and owner Kevin Kretschmer says, “The five mile river ride is a scenic tour through the south end at the deepest part of the gorge. It is a relaxing ride that gives you time to look around to see and experience the gorge. Riders often encounter wildlife in the park that live along the river including eagles, herons, sea birds, beavers, hawks, river otters, deer, duck, geese and more. It is a perfect outing for families and groups of all sizes.”

The tour passes the Wolf Creek Waterfalls that have a total drop of 225 feet. Wolf Creek Falls is made up of a series of four very steep cascades with some sections containing near vertical falls. The fourth section known as the Shower Curtain is not fully visible from the trails and can only be seen on the river ride. There is typically a stop at the Wolf Creek Falls during the ride.

The river ride also passes the Denton Brook Cascade, the Three Sisters, and through the deepest part of the Great Bend Gorge (550 feet). There are 14 sets of rapids that are spread over the course of the trip. Whitewater rafting is classified on a level of difficulty scale from 1 thru 6. The Letchworth Park river rafting trip is 1 and 2 on the scale. Class 1 is described as – Moving water with small waves that tug at the boat. A relaxing way to spend the day. Class 2 is described as – Easy rapids, waves up to three feet that are readily seen. Some maneuvering is required.

Adventure Calls Outfitters was founded in 1981 by Terry Shearn. Purchased upon Shern’s retirement 1999 by current owner Kevin Kretschmer, the company has grown considerable, added amenities, and continues to be based on a set of founding principles. Kretschmer says, “Our goal is for our guests to go home with a positive experience and memories that will last forever. We are committed to our community and as stewards of a gift to share with those around us.”

As a company, Adventure Calls Outfitters donates their time and provides financial assistance to various local charities, environmental organizations and ministries. They view customer service as an extremely important principle of business. They are meticulous about maintaining a professional yet personable image in everything they do. Their equipment is upgraded on a consistent basis and they constantly seek ways to make the experience the best possible.

The guide staff are among the elite in the business. They are licensed by New York State, certified as First Responders or EMTs and more than half are A.C.A. certified Swift Water Rescue Technicians. The river guides have a median tenure of 10 years, and they utilize the latest technology to ensure that on each trip safety is a top priority. Adventure Calls Outfitters’ safety record is among the top within the Paddlesports industry.

River raft guide Paul Brown is starting his 4th season as a river guide. He says, “My job as a guide is to run somewhere between the first and the last raft, to entertain guests and to watch out for all the rafts in our tour to make sure everything is safe.” Meeting and talking to people from all around the world is Brown’s favorite part of his job. “People are very friendly and love to talk about where they come from and they are very interested in finding out about what life is like here in our part of the world. It is really fun to talk with the guests and help them to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. It is all about making it a nice trip for the guests,” Brown says. He also says that viewing the gorge from the bottom up is a whole different experience than viewing it from the top to the bottom which is the view from the trails.

Adventure Calls Outfitters also offers other activities including team building, a ropes course and paddle instruction. They have special packages, trips and events throughout their season that ranges from the first week in April through the last week in October.

There are barbecue packages with several menu selections from burgers to strip steaks to enjoy after the rafting experience. There are also camping packages that include rafting, supper and breakfast, tent camping and a variety of other activities to enjoy during the camping stay. There are Interpretive Trips where a naturalist accompanies the river tour offering narration during frequent stops along the way.

Adventure Calls Outfitters’ website contains all the information needed to plan and reserve time for a river raft ride on the Genesee River. Find helpful hints and answers to questions such as, “Is this for me?”, “What to Wear?”, “How deep is the water?” and more.

“We have families from all over the northeast and midwest that come to view this beautiful part of our country. We help visitors to plan their stay in our area, and promote tourism and businesses within our surrounding communities,” Kretschmer says.

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