Why Can’t I Just Do Cardio?

By on November 6, 2017

This question is especially common among women who believe weight training is more for men. The truth is that both cardiovascular training and resistance training are equally important for health.

Cardiovascular training provides many health benefits. It is great for improving your heart and lungs as well as burning more calories. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels. What it doesn’t do is increase your resting metabolism or increase bone density like regular resistance training does.

Weight training helps both males and females.  Regardless of your age, regular resistance training can raise your resting metabolism by increasing your active muscle tissue, this means you burn more calories at rest and in movement!

Regular resistance training can also help you improve your bone density, which will reduce the risk for osteoporosis as well as decrease your risk for injury.  This is especially important to all adults. Weight training helps you reshape your body composition to a leaner more toned shape.

And if you are  woman and concerned about becoming too muscular it is important to understand that most women’s estrogen levels are too high and testosterone levels too low (compared to a man) to put on bulky muscle.

The best way to achieve all the health benefits from exercise it to combine a regular weight training program with cardio sessions, this allows you to burn the candle from both ends. You can increase your metabolism, reduce body fat and improve your overall health.

*Please consult with your physician before beginning an exercise program.  If you are unsure of what exercises to perform seek the help of a Certified Personal Trainer to assist you build a safe and effective exercise regime. 

Tami Mungenast CPT, CNWC