Sweetest Creations

By on December 12, 2017

The Sweet Creations Gingerbread Display and Auction, November 3 – December 13, has been a holiday tradition for visitors to the George Eastman Museum for many years. Visitors have the opportunity to bid on their favorite gingerbread displays during the silent auction. The highest bidder on each display takes their treasure home after December 13th. Proceeds support restoration projects of George Eastman’s National Historic Landmark estate. The event is organized by the Eastman Museum Council and made possible by M&T Bank, Tasteful Connections Catering and Tops Food Market.

New this year a select few exquisitely designed gingerbread creations will remain on display from December 14-31. Kathy Connor, the George Eastman Legacy Curator and Sweet Creations organizer, contacted six participants that she knew would be submitting designs and asked them to take part in the newly extended display period called “Sweetest Creations.” Visitors can tour the festively decorated historic museum for the remainder of the holiday season, and see these six displays until New Year’s Eve.

Three Greece residents participated in the Gingerbread Display this year, all are amateur bakers, two are part of the silent auction, and one is part of the “Sweetest Creations” extended display period.

Crystal Worthington created a beach scene. This is the second year that she has participated in this event. Crystal said, “I enjoy doing crafts, and it was a lot of fun to do.”

Deb Berardi and her eight year old granddaughter, Angelina Maci, visited the museum in past and viewed the gingerbread displays. They decided to make their own this year. Angelina originally wanted to create a castle, but they decided on an Italian theme “Casa di Dolce.” Deb said, “I enjoyed working with my granddaughter, watching her roll out the dough, and come up with different ideas for the house. She is the one who thought of the Italian cookie sidewalk and the cannoli chimney.”

Andrea Gruver was contacted to be a part of “Sweetest Creations” extended display. She has an education in mechanical engineering but says, “I have and artsy side.” She has been baking gingerbread for twenty five years, and has been participating in the George Eastman Gingerbread Auction for ten years. She and her family work together, each with a specific job in creating their design. Her husband and son make the roof, her daughters do the sides and she does the front and the back. This year Andrea and her daughter Meagan created a firehouse. She said that the design for the firehouse was a combination of places that she looked up online, including the Old Hermann Fire Department and City Hall. Andrea was very proud to have been chosen to take part in the new “Sweetest Creations” event.

Visit eastman.org/holidays for more information about all the George Eastman House Museum holiday events.

Photos by Karen Fien


Meagan Gruver (left) and Andrea Gruver (right) their Firehouse #4 creation.

Meagan Gruver (left) and Andrea Gruver (right) their Firehouse #4 creation.

Crystal Worthington's beach scene.

Crystal Worthington’s beach scene.

The family creation by Deb Berardi and her 8 year old granddaughter Angel Maci the "Casa di Dolce."

The family creation by Deb Berardi and her 8 year old granddaughter Angel Maci the “Casa di Dolce.”

Additional pictures of Gingerbread creations at the George Eastman House.

Photos by Karen Fien