“Healthy Rules of the Road”

By on February 5, 2018

by Tami Mungenast CPT, CNWC

Wendy Cooper

Wendy Cooper

Would you like to have a healthier and happier home for your family?  If so a new book from a local Greece Author and retired Physical Education teacher can help.

Wendy Cooper taught Physical Education and Health to the elementary students at English Village since 1988. Her primary goal in her career was to inspire kids to keep moving and stay healthy. Throughout her 30 years of working with elementary aged children she developed a successful program called “Healthy Highway.”  Healthy Highway is an innovative curriculum based k-5 program that enriches children’s lives through teaching and encouraging health, fitness and nutrition. Wendy built the program by using imaginative traffic metaphors to help teach children how to make healthy choices. After witnessing the success of the program over the past 15 years in the schools, Wendy wanted to take it a step further to reach the families in their own home. She wrote a book which offers a similar program for families to incorporate into their home and daily life.

“Healthy Rules of the Road” is the book written by Wendy Cooper. She designed the book to help educate, motivate and inspire families to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Modeling after the success of the Healthy Highway Program, the traffic-themed vocabulary and visual tools in this new book give children and adults a common and easy way to talk about what it means to be healthy. The family friendly program empowers families to “Drive down the Healthy Highway” by learning how to create a road map for your family’s own healthy lifestyle. The program is written as a three month plan to jump start a healthier lifestyle for families with children. It addresses physical activity, healthy eating and even character education. Cooper uses fun language like “high octane food,” “healthy selfies,” “start your engine” and “nutrition rules of the road” to help keep kids engaged and motivated. She also incorporates an adorable dog named “Rev” who is the newest driver on the Healthy Highway. Rev helps teach children and families how he incorporates the “rule of the road” into his everyday choices. “I see Rev’s role as a great teacher that will encourage and empower all that “meet” him to become leaders in designing their own road maps to a healthy lifestyle,” Cooper said.

For more information or to purchase the book visit https://www.wendyhcooper.com/