Greece Police Explorers

By on February 27, 2018

Greece Police Explorers – A Taste of Law Enforcement for Teens

Police Explorers is a career oriented program that gives young adults the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement by working closely with law enforcement agencies and officers. Greece Police is one of the first agencies in the country to offer the Police Exploring Program. The program began in December of 1966. It was created to link boys and girls aged 14-20 with the Greece Police as a real-world introduction to a career in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

Officer Nick Marello, who is the Senior Advisor of the Greece Police Explorer Program, was a Police Explorer when he was a teen. Nick recalls having an interest in law enforcement since he was a young boy. He remembers walking around with a sheriff hat and always being enthralled by police television shows. He began police exploring with the Greece Police at the age of 14 and stayed with it until he was 19 years old when he began training as a part time Monroe County Sheriff deputy. Marello quickly moved into his full time police career when he was hired into the Greece Police Department in June of 2007. Marello says, “I knew exactly what I was getting into thanks to all of my experience in Police Explorers.” Nick found that by having the explorers back ground it not only helped him choose the right courses in college, but it also helped him prepare for the civil service tests and the entire process of getting into an agency. He knew how to conduct himself and he had the confidence necessary. Nick has many fond memories of his years in the Police Explorers program. He enjoyed the ride-along, and appreciates all the time given to him, and lunches with his advisors. He believes this program really helps reinforce the staples of life for teens such as good behavior, listening to parents and those in authority, following rules and making good decisions. Once Officer Marello accomplished his goal of becoming a police officer, he wanted to pay it forward by helping bring the same explorer opportunity to other teens.

The Greece Police Explorers Program is supervised by Sgt. Jared René. The Explorer Advisors are Detective Jeff Dill, Detective Kevin Mack, Officer Mark Babcock, Officer Ashley Streeter, Officer Jeff Fraser and Officer Brittany Cubiotti-Micheli. The Explorers Advisors assist Officer Marello, the Senior Advisor. They strive to make the program fun and educational. In addition to learning about the various careers in law enforcement, the explorers also help with community events like the traffic control at the Annual Scouting for food collection, National Night Out event, the Strawberry Festival and Greece’s annual 4th of July Celebration.

The Explorers meet twice a month at the new state of the art, Greece Police Headquarters. At each meeting the topics vary as they help the teens learn about policing. They experience police ride alongs while wearing a bullet resistant vest. The program also brings in a variety of guest speakers such as representatives from the Border Patrol, Retired Secret Service, Medical Examiner’s Office, first responders and the K-9 Unit. Nine Police Explorers that Officer Marello has worked with have gone on to careers as Greece Police Officers. Some other Explorers went on to other police agencies, the military and as first responders. Officer Marello believes even if the teen decides that a career in law enforcement is not for them, by putting forth good work ethic in the program they come out of it with some great life skills, improved self-confidence, and strong references to help them in whatever field they go into.

To learn more about the Greece Police Explorers Program or to become a Police Explorer contact Officer Nick Marello at

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