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Journey Home Celebrates 20th Anniversary

By on April 9, 2019
Sandra Stone and Wendy Kenny are standing in the west side of the house - the fireside room.

Sandra Stone and Wendy Kenny are standing in the west side of the house - the fireside room.

In May 1999 Hospice Nurse Tracey Jagla’s dream came true as she open the first comfort care home in Western Monroe county. After Tracey lost her mom to ovarian cancer she was able to fully experience the significance of the opportunity for hospice patients to remain in a comfortable home setting. Tracey was able to help give her mom this type of care and quality of life in her final months. “Live until you die” was the thought that Tracey was left with after her Mom passed away. At the time there was no comfort care homes on the west side for hospice patients. It took Tracey nearly six years for all of the preparation and planning to come together and open the Journey Home.

With the help of Tracey’s church deacon, her family, friends and the community the idea of a comfort care home being in Greece became a reality. The generosity of Bartolomeo and Perotto Funeral home provided a donated house to Journey Home. Aside from the on call nursing staff, the home has been serving the community now for nearly 20 years as a 100% volunteers comfort care home. In the last two decades Journey Home has provided care to over 500 individuals.

To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, Journey Home is having a cocktail party on Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 6-9PM at the Greece Marriott. Hors d’ oeuvres, music and an auction will be provided. For more information on the party, to order tickets or to learn more about Journey Home and volunteering opportunities please visit

Photos by Karen Fien