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Tips for Parents: Going Out Checklist

By on May 2, 2019
Mother and daughter at fun fair

As the nice weather approaches and kids are on break from school, families often head out for some family fun at amusement parks, movie theater, the mall or other public places. Use this checklist provided by National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to make your outing safer.

•Review your safety rules: Make sure your children understand the basic rules of safety – check first before going anywhere; take a friend everywhere you go; tell people “NO” if they try to touch or hurt you; and tell a trusted adult if anyone makes you feel sad, scared or confused.

Plan for emergencies: Look at a map of the facilities and locate information booths or customer service centers. Carry recent pictures of your children in case they get lost. You can even take a picture of them on your cell phone just before leaving.

Charge your cell phone: Check that your cell phone is charged and your children have the number memorized. Consider giving older children a cell phone of their own so you can reach them more easily.

Pay attention to clothing: Remember what your children are wearing so you can describe their clothing to staff members in case they are lost. Tip: If your children are wearing bright colors, they will be easier to spot in crowds.

Identify adults who can help: Teach younger children to look for people like security officers, store employees or park staff members who can help them look for you in case you are separated.

Choose a meeting spot: Instruct older children to go directly to a designated spot, like a store or an information booth, to meet you. They should never leave or go to the parking lot to try to find you. 

Plan for a bathroom break: You should always go with younger children to the restroom. Make sure older children take a friend; it’s safer than going alone.

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