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Flood Relief

By on June 21, 2019

Local Church Provides Shoreline Flood Relief Assistance

Once again, as in 2017, Lake Ontario is  reaching record high levels which is impacting homeowners all along the lakeshore. All New York counties along the shoreline of Lake Ontario are under a Governor’s State of Emergency. In addition, local town and county emergency declarations are declared which frees up resources to prepare for and protect against flooding impacts, and limit boating activities near the shoreline.

This looming threat to property owners has prompted Lakeshore Community Church to provide assistance to those being affected by the high levels of Lake Ontario in Greece and Hilton. With Lakeshore’s vision and desire to serve the people in the community, they jumped into action and provided help for not only Lakeshore members and attenders, but also their neighbors and the community.  The Lakeshore Missions team has been serving as, and will continue to serve as, the conduit for matching requests for assistance with available resources.  The mission team has an emergency volunteer team of 35 people who are on call and ready to help as needed. They offer help with sandbagging and other flood-proofing assistance, packing and moving assistance, photo documentation of pre-flood condition for insurance and disaster assistance claims, as well as comfort and prayer. 

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance please visit  to request help or to volunteer to help.