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Keep Your Kids Safe

By on September 17, 2019

Teach these tricks

Are you familiar with the news show segments testing children’s safety knowledge? They often feature “strangers” trying to lure children with offers of ice cream, modeling contracts, or other goodies. Too many times, these tricks are successful.

In these scenarios, even children who know better often ignore their safety rules. Would-be abductors count on this. They know that while many children are taught to avoid strangers, they may not be taught to recognize abduction tactics.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® has noted the use of more than 100 of these tactics. Below are some examples. Take time to review them with your children and practice a response. The more children practice, the better prepared they will be in a real situation.

The Offer Trick – A child is offered something desirable like candy, money, toys, etc..  

Children should not accept gifts without your permission. Use teachable moments like when a friend or relative offers a gift to the child. Practice the concept with your child. 

The Animal Trick – A cute or interesting animal is used to get the child to enter a vehicle or home.  Teach your children to never enter anyone’s home or vehicle without your permission. 

The EmergencyTrick – Someone fakes an emergency and offers to take the child to another location.  Children should be taught never to go anywhere with anyone that has not been designated by the parents. 

Excerpt by National Missing and Exploited Children Center. For more potential scenarios and other helpful information visit

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