Town of Greece Settles Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Claims against Former Greece Receiver of Taxes Rick Antelli

By on January 11, 2018

Regrettably, just before the Christmas holiday, the Town received credible complaints from multiple female town employees alleging that the Town’s then Receiver of Taxes, Rick Antelli, had engaged in sexual harassment and created a hostile work environment. When an employer is notified about these types of employee complaints, the Town must promptly investigate and remediate any potential unlawful harassment and restore a safe and appropriate work environment for our employees. Immediately upon learning of the allegations, the Town called in an employment attorney who worked with the Town Personnel Director to thoroughly investigate the employee complaints.

The attorney’s findings were corroborated by multiple employees. The employment attorney advised us that the allegations were both severe and pervasive. We were able to work carefully with the employees and reach full and fair settlements. Several interviews were scheduled with Mr. Antelli and yet he failed to show up to any of them to respond to the multiple complaints.

“I was both saddened and extremely upset upon learning the information that the employees shared with the outside employment attorney. The Town stands with and fully supports its employees on these matters. Rather than focusing on the unfortunate experiences these women were subjected to over nearly a 4-year period, we are fortunate to have settled their claims. No one should ever be subjected to a hostile work environment or sexual harassment. We will continue to work with our employees and offer them assistance in putting this terrible incident behind them,” Supervisor Bill Reilich said.

We value our Town employees and the excellent services they provide on behalf of our residents. We believe that incidents of this nature at the hands of elected officials or anyone in a supervisory role are simply not tolerable. We will not allow Mr. Antelli’s inappropriate behavior to define our excellent organization and we believe that our strong response to the employee complaints and unwavering show of support for all of the women who came forward sets the appropriate tone. The Town of Greece protects its workforce and we will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind.

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