Internet Safe Purchase Space in Greece

By on March 13, 2018

Designated Surveillance Location for Internet Purchase Exchanges Established at Greece Town Hall Campus

There is now a designated area at the Greece Town Hall Campus for safe and secure internet purchase exchanges to occur.

Signs featuring the Town of Greece seal and reading “Internet Purchase Exchange Location – This Area Is Under Video Surveillance” have been placed directly in front of the light pole off the Northeast corner of the Greece Town Court building. This location, which is to the right of the sally port exits, was chosen for the good security video coverage in place that will help to ensure the safety of all involved in internet purchase exchanges. A fixed camera with an excellent focus setting will be concentrated directly on the lot.

“When a constituent reached out to me this weekend via Facebook with a suggestion regarding designating an area to conduct internet purchase business, I thought it was a great idea and looked into what could be done. I worked with our Department of Public Works and Informational Services Teams to create a sign and designate a secure area on the Greece Town Hall Campus for safe internet purchase exchange business to be conducted. I am always interested in suggestions and feedback from Greece Town Residents, and would like to thank the individual who reached out with their suggestion,” Supervisor Bill Reilich said.

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