Emergency Information Signs at Greece Town Parks

By on March 27, 2018

image002Town of Greece is creating signs for Greece Town Parks that will provide relevant contact and location information in the event of an emergency.

The first sign has already been installed at Badgerow Park South. It features the Town of Greece seal and reads “In The Event Of An Emergency Call 911 – Your Location Is Badgerow Park South 1120 Latta Road”. The Town of Greece Department of Parks and Recreation, along with the Department of Public Works, are working on creating and installing similar signs for all Greece Town Parks.

“After hearing such positive feedback from our recent installation of Internet Purchase Exchange Location signs, I wanted to explore additional ways to help keep our residents safe and informed. At the suggestion of a resident I began working with our Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Public Works to create and install emergency information signs in all Greece Town Parks. These signs will provide emergency contact and location information in the event that a resident needs to contact authorities while at that location. I am always interested in suggestions and feedback from Greece Town Residents, and I believe that these signs will help to keep our residents educated and safe,” Supervisor Reilich said.

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