New Credit Card Machine Available for Paying Taxes

By on September 6, 2018
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The Town of Greece announced an additional service available for Town residents, you may now pay taxes via credit card at the Tax Counter located in Greece Town Hall. The Town of Greece is one of the first towns in Monroe County to offer this service to residents.

With school tax season upon us, the town chose to implement this service because the school tax is the largest portion of your property tax bill this would offer another option for Greece residents.

Going forward, residents will have the option to pay all of their taxes using the Town of Greece new credit card machines. Please note that there is a 3% processing charge used for all credit card transactions. This charge is the fee assessed by the bank fee and we must pass it along to residents who choose to use the credit card machine.

The new credit card machine service comes on the heels of yet another service the Town of Greece has installed for tax payments, residents now also have the option to use the night drop box to drop off their school tax checks. This service is available on behalf of Greece Residents who reside in the Greece, Hilton, and Spencerport School Districts. The drop box is located outside the Service Mall area of Greece Town Hall on the right side of the doors. The purpose of this drop box is to provide residents with a fast and secure method of paying their seasonal taxes. The only form of payment that will be accepted in the drop box must be in check form. All deposits will be collected at 9AM every business day by Town of Greece Tax Department Staff and the work will be processed on the previous day’s business date. Please be sure to include a payment stub with your check in order to receive a receipt. In order to ensure resident safety, a camera has been placed in the area to monitor activity. This drop box is for payment of seasonal tax only. You may still pay your taxes in person or through the mail if you choose.

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