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Monroe County Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

By on February 7, 2019
kids walking on the pedestrian crossing

The safety of communities is one of Monroe County’s top priorities. Many residents in Monroe County enjoy walking to school, biking on paths, and walking trails that pass through busy intersections. It is important that pedestrians are safe when they need to use a crosswalk. Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo recently announced new funding for a project that will increase walkability and improve safety at over 400 crosswalks throughout Monroe County.    

At the October meeting of the Monroe County Legislature members voted in favor of the Monroe County Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. This $1.17 million plan includes safety upgrades to hundreds of existing crosswalks throughout Monroe County including converting crosswalks to high visibility crosswalks, adding leading pedestrian interval changes to allow pedestrians to cross before vehicles begin to move, upgrading and double posting over 300 pedestrian crossing signs to high visibility, installing reflective strips on sign posts, and installing rapid rectangular flashing beacons at high pedestrian volume locations. This project is scheduled to begin late in 2019 and construction will be completed by the end of 2020. 

Following is a listing of upgrades to crosswalks located in the Greece and Hilton communities: 

•Lowden Pt Rd at Beachwood Pk, Greece

•Island Cottage Rd at I-390 Trl, Greece

•Greenleaf Rd 385 ft S. of Pebbleview Dr, Greece

•Dewey Ave 370 ft S. of Ling Rd, Greece

•Edgemere Dr 670 ft W. of Dewey Ave, Greece

•East Ave at Fraser Dr, Hilton

•East Ave at Canning St, Hilton

      Ridgeway Ave at Erie Canal Commons, Greece

For more information call 753-1922.

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