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Girl Scout Gold Awards

By on June 21, 2019

Girl Scouts of WNY announces the 2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of Western New York is proud to announce Emily Glidden and Jacquelynn Smith of Rochester, NY, as  2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts.

Emily Glidden

Emily Glidden

Glidden’s project was titled “His Ministries Pancake Fundraiser.” Glidden explained, “I did a pancake dinner fundraiser for a foster care ministry called HIS Ministries. We held the dinner at First Bible Baptist Church. I chose the project because I have a strong heart for kids, kids with disabilities, and foster kids. My project benefited and supported the foster families, and with these donations we are able to help, support, and show kindness to these families. I held the dinner and I served 251 people and used over $1,700 in profits to purchase baby items to donate, plus I received over $400 in donations to also purchase items with. I got to personally donate the items to families and see their faces and happiness and joy from that.” Glidden added, “[Girl Scouts] has made me realize how important stepping up and being a leader really is and how much younger girls look up to us as older girls and how much of an impact on them we have.”

Jacquelynn Smith

Jacquelynn Smith

Smith’s project was titled “School Supplies for Children in Need.”Smith explained, “For my Gold Award Project I created a school supplies drive at my high school, Greece Arcadia. I collaborated with Goodwill, Mission Share, and Develop Africa. During school I went to all study halls and presented my project to spread awareness that we have sources readily available daily that we take for granted. Students and faculty contributed new and used supplies so I could donate them to organizations in the Rochester community, as well as overseas. I was able to donate about 8 boxes to charity in Rochester and 2 overseas through Develop Africa.” Smith added, “Girl Scouts prepared me for college because it has provided me with necessary life skills: being prepared, determined, leadership, as well as trying new things, going outside of my comfort zone, working hard, managing my time well, and staying positive.”

Both Glidden and Smith received their Gold Awards at the Gold Award Ceremony held on June 1, 2019. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the world for girls.

The Gold Award project is the culmination of all the work a girl puts into “going for the Gold.” A Girl Scout’s project should be something that a girl can be passionate about—in thought, deed, and action that encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills. The project should also fulfill a need within a girl’s community (whether local or global) and create change that has the potential to be on-going or sustainable. Approximately 80 hours of community service are involved in the project. Completion of the Gold Award also qualifies the Girl Scout for special scholarship opportunities and to enter the military a full rank higher than her peers.

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