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OFC Summer Camps Announcement

By on November 29, 2018

OFC Creations will musically announce their Summer 2019 line up of camps. Staff members will sing and dance songs from the 2019 Camps while the audience guesses the name of the show.

Featuring OFC team members:
Emily Beseau, Elizabeth Lind, Mandi Gurell, Eric Schutt, Hunter Ekberg, Courtney Weather, Casey Costello, Jane Huffer Zach Frazee, Hector Manuel, Rebecca Kemp, Brianna Ross, Jamie Wisset, Kendra Hacker, Jason Rugg, Misty Irwin, Kristina Jewell, Eric Vaughn Johnson, and OFC students.

Meet and greet with instructors, before or after the event, and have your questions answered. Registration will open at the end of the event with a special discount for attendees.

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