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  • Greece Athena Grad Making Broadway Debut

    Greece Athena Graduate M. Yvette Bedgood is making her debut on Broadway in Rocktopia. She is a vocalist in the ensemble. Rocktopia runs from March 20th-April 29th. She has performed with several orchestras such as the Buffalo...

  • Reporting

    Did this happen inside of the store? Either way did you report it to the police?

  • theft of purse

    I had my purse stolen from my cart at the Walmart on Dewey Ave, Thursday, July 27,2017. I lost pretty much my life when that happened. All of my credit, debit, store cards. My license and my...

  • Support for Local Lawmakers Wanes in Clarkson

    Support for Local Lawmakers Wanes in Clarkson A survey conducted in April, 2017 shows that Clarkson residents are less about lawmakers representing issues important to them, according to The Covert Liberty Project. The survey measured changes in...

  • Playground gone!?

    What happened to the playground near the library? We need more spaces where kids can play and exercise, that was one of our favorite and convenient places to play.

  • Who will be the next President?

    Why will Republicans in Congress push for an investigation of the President and Vice President’s actions? If they don’t push now they may not be able to elect someone dog catcher in the near future. It is...

  • We are off and running

    Here we are with this new feature of the websites and We hope to keep it going with your participation. Please be sure to follow the rules as we will not post anything not in...