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Policies and standards for submissions to Your Voice

Submissions to Your Voice, are intended to foster an open discussion of differing viewpoints. Those who offer submissions to Your Voice agree to comply with all rules associated with the participation in Your Voice, as listed below. Non-compliant participants in Your Voice may expect their submissions to be redacted or simply not posted without warning. Participants agree that Westside News Inc. may modify, retransmit or delete any submission at its discretion, and that submissions or portions of submissions may be republished by Westside News Inc..

Submissions that exhibit any of the following will not be published.

  • Language which is profane, vulgar, in poor taste, unintelligible, threatening or which incites violence.
  • Racial, ethnic or gender slurs.
  • Name-calling.
  • Potentially libelous statements about any person or organization.
  • Naming a private individual in anything but a positive, truthful way. A private individual is anyone not on the public/taxpayer payroll nor actively involved in the public arena – i.e., a “public figure.”
  • Submissions which include an improper or derogatory spelling of a person’s name, including names of public officials.
  • Submissions about landlords, former employers or experiences with specific businesses.
  • Submissions typed in all capital letters.
  • Anything meant to promote or advertise a business.

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