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Dedication of GPAL Fields

By on August 22, 2017

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Dedication of GPAL Fields 

The Town of Greece and the Greece Parks and Recreation Department held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 for the dedication of the Greece Police Athletic League (GPAL) Fields at Badgerow Park South, located at 1120 Latta Road in Greece. A dedication sign was hung on the fence of the first baseball field in the park.

The Greece Police Athletic League is an organization that aims to bring the community and the police department together while allowing police officers in the community to build relationships with the people in the neighborhoods they police. The GPAL was founded by retired Greece Police Chief Gerald Phelan and is now run by his son, Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan, who has been with the Greece Police Department since 1989.

Chief Gerald Phelan’s goal was to keep children off of the streets through encouraging them to participate in sports with officers from the department. Since its founding, the program has grown to offer many different sporting leagues, including softball, football, basketball, and boxing. The police officers within the department act as instructors and mentors for the kids, while striving to teach them a new sport or helping them to become more proficient within a sport they currently participate in.

The program, which is free of charge and remains the only completely free Police Athletic League (PAL) program within New York State, is intended to be more than simply learning about or playing a sport; it is about building good relationships with police officers in a positive environment and promoting healthy youth activities. In order to raise funds, the GPAL organizes an annual mailing campaign, where they distribute letters asking for donations from the community to keep the program running strong for another year.

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