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Town of Greece Partners with North Greece Fire District

By on May 14, 2019

The Greece Town Board passed a motion to enter into an inter-municipal agreement with the North Greece Fire District whereby the Town will permit the District to use the Town’s diesel fueling facilities and will receive reimbursement for the District’s fuel usage, and the authorization for the Greece Town Supervisor to execute any necessary documentation.

The North Greece Fire District may now use the Town’s fueling facilities located at the Department of Public Works. The Fire District will be reimbursing the Town for its fuel usage.

The North Greece Fire District serves a large population in the Town of Greece. The department is composed of both volunteers and career firefighters who dedicate their time to providing outstanding service to our community.

“When representatives from the North Greece Fire District approached me with concerns that the School District was no longer in a position to provide diesel fuel for their vehicles, I immediately began researching how the Town could be of assistance. This approval of the intermunicipal agreement with the North Greece Fire District is an example of how local government can work more efficiently through shared services. I am pleased that the Town is able to assist in making sure the District’s fire service vehicles remain ready to protect our residents,” Town Supervisor Reilich said.

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