theft of purse

By on August 3, 2017

I had my purse stolen from my cart at the Walmart on Dewey Ave, Thursday, July 27,2017. I lost pretty much my life when that happened. All of my credit, debit, store cards. My license and my Husbands license. He passed 4 years ago. I looked at the picture daily every time I opened my wallet.There were other personal effects. A brown pouch with tweezers, nail clippers, etc… My money. Only $44.00. But a lot for me. I’m disabled and receive widows benefits. Strict budget.But THE VERY MOST IMPORTANT THING I LOST…. WAS MY OLD, VERY OLD HAND ME DOWN CELL PHONE… Has many pics of my grandbabies & my pups last few days with me. I just wish I had been more careful. I usually am. I don’t care about anything else in that bag! Just the old blue slide open, blackberry looking phone with those pics & my hubby’s license. I searched all around that parking lot that evening. I went back on Friday & went to all the stores & restaurants, looked in all the dumpsters around there too.If you see anything around that walmart, please contact the Greece News or Suburban News. I would so greatly appreciate any bodies help.